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  • Many of us have trouble reaching the body type that we desire, but that does not have to be the case. Whether this is due to genetic predispositions or lifestyle issues, there are just some areas of the body in which we are unable to affect the fat. The Zerona laser treatment is here to help.

  • The Zerona Z6 is very effective!

    In fact, an FDA Study determined that treatments with the Zerona Z6 Laser led to an average of 6.22 inch loss around the waist, hips and thighs.


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  • Zerona is affordable!

    We provide in-house financing (if needed) with no credit checks. Payments as low as $100 per month.


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  • The Science Behind Zerona!

    Zerona Z6 is the First non-invasive body contouring procedure to effectively remove excess fat without the negative side effects associated with surgical methods. Zerona Z6 utilizes the same cold laser technology developed by Erchonia, which has been shown to emulsify fat and allow it to move to interstitial space. Although this technology was originally utilized to help assist tumescent liposuction procedures, it was found that the cold laser treatment alone helped clients to reduce inches from their waist, hip and thighs. The following is another example of scientific proof of the Erchonia lasers effect on adipocytes. All of the SEM, TEM, MRI and all other research of this website was done using an Erchonia laser.

    The research represented was done in the US using an Erchonia laser and shows time released photography of one fat cell and its contents being emptied. Please note the cell is still alive. Erchonia only uses its own research to prove its patent pending applications.

    The cold laser technology behind the Zerona Z6 procedure was shown to exclusively release the cellular contents of fat cells while leaving the capillaries and other cells within the interstitial space intact. The release of the fat cell contents is the result of the disruption of the cell’s membrane. This membrane disruption, called a transitory pore, is the result of low-level laser stimulation.

    Through a double blind, randomized, multi-site and placebo-controlled study, the Zerona Z6 procedure is proven to be an effective non-invasive and body contouring procedure. On average, clients lost on average 6.22 inches from the circumference of their waist, hip and thighs, whereas the placebo group only lost an average of a half of an inch.

    The Zerona Z6 cold lasers provide clients with a safer alternative to surgical procedures, which can result in bruising, swelling, and damage to other tissues. There is no need to wear bandages with Zerona Z6 and since there is no pain, there is no need for anesthesia. Unlike other non-invasive approaches, Zerona Z6 low-level lasers do not rely on heating tissue, which can cause discomfort. There is no downtime, so clients can resume their normal activities immediately.

    Zerona Z6 Applications

    ZERONA® Z6 is a non-invasive body contouring procedure using the Erchonia® Laser Scanner. The multi-site clinical trial conducted by Erchonia® to validate the process focused on the abdomen, hips and thighs. The Zerona Z6 low-level laser therapy is approved for use on these target areas. Most doctors have the client lie on a comfortable table for 20 minutes on each side while the ve lasers are applied to the target areas simultaneously. Thousands have tried this procedure, and have lost an average of 3.64 inches around the waist alone. Imagine going from a large to a medium, or a medium to a small, just by relaxing for forty minutes, a few times a week.

    For a noninvasive, alternative medical solution to the traditional fat removal procedures and surgeries, consider the use of the ZERONA® Z6 laser procedure. Contact your doctor for more information.